Saturday, December 11, 2010

Some quick links!

Hey all!

So here are some links that The Stockton Thunder Hockey Team has posted to promote the Auction for Dec.11Th game. I'm super happy with the my art for this event and crazy excited to see peoples reactions. ( If the reactions are anything like the players reactions it's going to be a fun night!)


Friday, December 10, 2010

Hello, Hello!

Hey guys just letting you know that my up dated portfolio and the 2010 Stockton Thunder auction drawings will be back up and running very soon. But you can see some current work on my House of Doodle Facebook. ( link to the left!)

Enjoy and Thanks again.


Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Doesn't matter if it's a Fuzzy Navel or a Blue Hawaiian, this ones for you!

I want to give a special thanks to everyone who swung by the Stockton Thunder game on Nov. 20Th... THANKS! It was great to see friends, family and having some of my current and former students sporting their H.O.D. shirts. It puts a Cheshire smile on this Doodles face. We had a Blast! Drew all over a table, made some new friends raffled off a H.O.D. original and had an over all rockin' good time.

As of now (like for real, I'm taking time to post this then it's back to work) I'm working on finishing and pushing through a deadline between my day job, freelance work and a very thankful holiday for The Thunder's silent auction ( I'm drawing characters of each of the Thunder players) coming up on December 11Th. I'll be posting pictures of the drawings soon. The players have been a fun bunch to work with and have total influence over their drawings. If you want to be a Iron Man inspired hockey player... done. If you want to look like a total Bad Ass... Double Done! Even if they say, and I quote, " Eh, do whatever it's all cool ... No prob and no worry, I got this! By the end of this I'll be drawing hockey players with my eyes closed.

But it's fun and for a good cause. House Of Doodle will be using the proceeds from this event to give back to the kids in the community who may not have as much exposure to art as they would like due to life's ups and downs.

So in my best Bartles&Jaymes commercial voice. " Thank you, for your support"


Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's Been A Long Time, But It's Worth It

Yowzah! I've missed you and promised an update, so here goes. It's been crazy fast times and this year is on hyper-speed! Drawing, my day job, my night job, teaching classes, helping kids get into college, awesome people getting married, good friends having babies and on and on. It's big mess! A very good mess.

So what the heck is up with House of Doodle? Two words: SO MUCH. Thrown in with all the craziness are wonderful new projects, new clients, upcoming events and a book, too! In the future I promise to update sooner, faster, better with pictures to boot! This is all such a trip and makes me so happy.

Tonight, I am being recognized by the Stockton Thunder Hockey Team for my work in the community. It's an awesome honor and I am excited to have a table at the event to showcase my portfolio, talk about the importance of art and also to show some hometown pride. As a super-bonus, my students will be on-site to show their love for me. AWW! I love them so much I made them these shirts. Cool, right?!

Told you there was a lot going on. More to come...

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Updates, Updates, Updates!

Coming real soon!
A bit of construction is underway.