Monday, March 28, 2011

Mega Fun at Mega Con!

Just wanted to thank everyone who stopped by my little corner of Mega Con this past weekend. I met some amazing people and doodled up some crazy shiznit loving every minute of it...well okay that's a lie there was this slight malfunction of a someones costume in front of the table we Cayce we didn't need to see. But I'm sure with time we will be able to put that all behind us.

I'll be uploading some pictures and filling in all the blanks shortly. But for those of you who just can't wait my Facebook page has quick updates from this weekend. Just click on the link to the left for Doodles and more Doodles!

And a big Big BIG shout out to Cayce Moyer for letting me put up my lil Doodle stand at her table! And if you haven't already check out her amazingly awesome work DO IT! or you can look her up on Facebook as well under Cayce Moyer.

Okay it's been a crazy long couple of days filled with long rides in vans with no seats, couch surfing and baby unicorns. Details to all the insanity coming soon, but as for now I'm ready to crash.

Until then Doodlers zZZzzzzZz

Monday, March 07, 2011

Crazy! But that's how it goes.

Wooo, here we go again. Things are coming around faster then ever and I feel I've neglected my blog once again. I've been getting all my little ducks in a line and it feels like every time I have them where I want, there's are more of the lil buggers quacking away at me. But the good news is IT'S AWESOME!

As of late I've been having fits of inspiration and been painting more. Using the medium my way. I've also come to the conclusion that I like doing things "My Way". Once I realized this it was like things just seem to make sense. Why more people don't do this is crazy. I've always been chill and done things I like but it seems a little more liberating to say "no" to one thing and "yes" to what you really want to do. I highly recommend it.

With that being said, the month of March is going to be a fun and crazy ride. It's already started off with a bang, and by bang I mean " BANG" like the Adam West Batman tv show "Biff" "POW" BOOM"

-March 3rd I had a showing in San Francisco at 50 Mason for First Thursdays with The Society and Binary Controllers! A night filled with crazy good soul funk music, art and an amazing crowd. I'm not going to recommend you look up The Society and Binary Controllers I'm going to> Demand that you do., Your welcome.

March madness schedule:

-March 11 - I'll be at the Share the Beat benefit supporting a student of mine who was invited to speak on behalf of the students who worked on a animation project with the foundation. Crazy right?
Oh yeah, a lil f.y.i, she's now been accepted to two out of 4 of the art schools she's applied for, just saying.

-March 19 - It's my B-day FOOLIOS and I call Shenanigans!

-March 22- I've been invited to Mega Con in Orlando, Fl, by my fantastical college roommate to share a table at the convention. Once again I call Shenanigans!

I plan on using my fancy smart phone to keep things more up-to-date with all that's going down in the land of Doodle. So hold on because you've just purchased a ticket for the Crazy Train, Allllllll Aboard!

As for April, well that's a different story. Let's focus on March for now shall we.