Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's Been A Long Time, But It's Worth It

Yowzah! I've missed you and promised an update, so here goes. It's been crazy fast times and this year is on hyper-speed! Drawing, my day job, my night job, teaching classes, helping kids get into college, awesome people getting married, good friends having babies and on and on. It's big mess! A very good mess.

So what the heck is up with House of Doodle? Two words: SO MUCH. Thrown in with all the craziness are wonderful new projects, new clients, upcoming events and a book, too! In the future I promise to update sooner, faster, better with pictures to boot! This is all such a trip and makes me so happy.

Tonight, I am being recognized by the Stockton Thunder Hockey Team for my work in the community. It's an awesome honor and I am excited to have a table at the event to showcase my portfolio, talk about the importance of art and also to show some hometown pride. As a super-bonus, my students will be on-site to show their love for me. AWW! I love them so much I made them these shirts. Cool, right?!

Told you there was a lot going on. More to come...

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Updates, Updates, Updates!

Coming real soon!
A bit of construction is underway.