Thursday, August 06, 2015

It's a HOD life for me.

This weekend we dock in our home Port at Stockton-Con. Home town shows bring out the shenanigans and over the top fun.

Check List:
  1. Oodles of Dollar Doodles  *
  2. Prints *
  3. New Horror Prints **
  4. On-site Commissions *
  5. Blank Cover Commissions **
  6. The Comic - AnonyMouse: Book #0 *
  7. Buttons * 
  8. Stickers*
  9. Shenanigans!***********
  10. Theme on Point!*****
  11. High Fives! *****
  12. HOD Original Painting ***
  13. More Doodles****
  14. Treasure*
  15. Raffle *
And so much more I can't say or I'll have to make myself walk the plank!

Stockton-Con is located at the Stockton Arena. Stockton, Ca. August 8 - 9 2015 10am-5pm and 4pm Sunday.

Be sure to check out #houseofdoodle on Twitter and Instagram for updates through the Con.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Wizard World Sac!

Had a blast this weekend at Wizard World Sacramento! A Huge thank you to everyone who came out and took time to check out the House Of Doodle booth it was a pleasure meeting you all!

Once my hand has a bit of time to rest I'll be posting a full review of the awesomeness that went down from doodles to what the HODdies were up to on the floor. Stay tuned for the next update you're not gonna wanna miss it!

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Up Coming HODNESS!

Here's the run down! I've been pretty much on lock down getting all the upcoming prep for conventions, Anonymouse The Comic and everything in between.

GrapeCity Con was a WONDERful Fun!
The local conventions are always a nice way to stretch the HOD legs and bring out the big guns. A big thank you to all those who followed the White Rabbit to the Queen of Hearts! 

I've been working on getting the last bits of revamps for the upcoming comic I'm working on Anonymouse. The title says it all and nothing at the same time.
Check out our Facebook page here - ANONYMOUSE  We've kept as much of a tight lid on it as we can, the big reveal is coming soon!

You'll be able to catch House Of Doodle at these upcoming Conventions.

*APRIL 18-19 2015

More info on Big Wow - 

I'll be taking Commissions both days, be sure to get by the booth early if you have something special in mind.

I've got a stack of Blank Variants that will be up for grabs as well some with the goods already! (there's a few instagram photos of the books so check it out to stay updated)

New Crop of Prints!

Anonymouse Sneak Peek!

The HODdies/ HODhotties are back! And have something extra special planned.

And of course the Home of the Original Dollar Doodle wouldn't be the same without Oodles of DOODLES!  ( Be sure to hit of my HOD FB and let me know anything you'd like to see in the pile! I'll be sure to add.)

*JUNE 19 - 21 2015

OOOH Man! Yeah, bringing everything!

I'll be the one buried under Doodles. Have no fear my amazing team will keep on truck'n no matter what. No one gets left behind!  

More info here -

AUGUST 8-9 2015

With Stockton being home ground, we tend to go a little crazy and this year is no exception. You've been warned!

Remember there's always more to come!
Stay Up to Date via - Facebook - Instagram and Twitter for even more spoilers!

Friday, February 20, 2015

2015 Line-Up

I'll be posting the line up for this year-- soon!
Craft Shows
Community Projects
Doodles upon Doodles
The HOD Hotties! 
and everything else that might pop up this year, cause it's only FEBRUARY!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Good times at Good Day!

If you missed the fun here's the links to my time on Good Day Sacramento. 
Part 1and Part 2 ( part 2 has the cool time lapse of the 40min I was doodling.)
It's always a good time hanging with Cody and the crew.   
Cody Stark and I always cheesing!
One of the many ambidextrous doodles
-Cause I'm a dork.      
So that's some of January for ya, more to come! 

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Good Day!

I'll be hanging with the crew of ‪‎Good Day Sacramento‬ drawing up some of my simultaneous ambidextrous doodles TODAY, 1/10, at 10am PT.
Here is a preview below - Tune in and see what happens!

30-Second Warm-Ups: Different Color, Different Hand.

Fall In To Winter (With Pictures)!

Things, like life and work, were so crazy at the end of last year that the best way to catch everyone up with House of Doodle is by sharing some highlights through the photos below. Stockton-Con, Commissions, Creative Women Mini-Con at Empires Comics, Heroes and Villains at the Haggin Museum and lots of time in the studio kept me busy!

For the full play-by-play be sure to follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @houseofdoodle

You guys are the best!!!

DOLLAR Doodles! HOD is the home of the Dollar Doodle. I made almost 300 for the show and loads more on-site.

SHOW SPECIALS! Convention prep is a blast and these are few original prints from this time around.

BIGGER BADDER Doodle! These mini-commissions were a hit!

STOCKTON-CON Success! It was a long weekend, but amazing. Look at the awesome necklace my mentor made me!!


CREATIVE WOMEN MINI-CON: Honored to be invited and meet great peeps in the industry.

MY HODsters (students) are AWESOME! Customizing Lego's to create Dr. Who and a Dalek.

And more commissions!

HOD Hotties: My very own women of cosplay - Tomb Raider and Poison Ivy!

Heroes and Villains Workshop at the Haggin Museum: Blue tape makes it official!

INKTOBER Classic Monsters

BREAK-TIME! I love living in California.

DUDE, I freaking loved doing this commission.

What the end of the week looks like...


Knowing Anatomy is like having X-RAY VISION!

MERRY Whatever...

Keeping WARM in the studio!

This is how I relax.

A little ME-time

Upcoming Comic Project: Anonymouse- more soon!

He made me do it...

BRING IT, 2015!!