Thursday, June 02, 2011

Size does matter.

Murals! I'm talking about murals people, MURALS! Get you mind out of the gutter - Nah, you can leave it there it's cool I wont judge.

About a month I was commissioned to do a mural for Lathrop High School in Lathrop, Ca. A student of mine during a leadership meeting calls me and asked if I would be interested in doing a mural at the school as the Senior gift. What am I supposed to say? "Nope, sorry kid. (click)" That would have sucked major monkey toes and what kind of a mentor would I be if I turned not only her down but her entire senior class. And besides I'm always up for a challenge.
When she first told me the mural was going to be in the cafeteria, I was like cool easy peasy. Then I saw the wall, high school cafeterias have come a long way in 11 years. This place looked like...well a huge ass cafeteria with a giant ass wall!

A super cool thing about this project is that LHS mascot is a Spartan and they wanted a 300 feel to it. Another reason my student nominated me for the job. I don't mean to toot my own horn but BEEP, BEEP! I got this. I did a quick sketch during one of our sessions and she showed it to her classmates and advisers the next day.

The whole process seemed like a task out of Mission Impossible. I was told it needed to be kept secret and done over a weekend so when everyone came in on Monday it would be a surprise. I was assigned senior helpers and pretty much handed the keys to the school for that weekend. Which I would like to say could have gone horribly wrong but it didn't. They even left me with the keys to heavy machinery after only about a 5 min tutorial on how to use the it. My student is still convinced I used some sort of voodoo on these people. What can I say, people just can't resist the Doodles Charm.

So with all that said here's how it all went down.

Digital comp

Friday - Outlines

Saturday - Colors

Sunday - Details. Details. Details.

So after three days, a couple of pizzas and countless rides on the genie lift we were done and might I add a bit delirious.
So on Monday both the LHS student body and faculty had something to look at when grabbing some cheetos and HoD has another challenge matched.

Big ass cafeteria wall - 0 House of Doodle - 1. Winner!

Big thanks and Congrats to the LHS Seniors who helped out that weekend.