Wednesday, December 07, 2011

The Grinch's small heart grew three sizes that day!

The Pathways for Kids Annual Anniversary Benefit Gala went off with out a hitch! A fantastic organization and an amazing event. The auction filled both ballrooms of the Intercontinental Mark Hopkins San Francisco. And with everyone dressed to the nines and matching masquerade masks coming together for such a great cause made it a total sight to be seen. Gotta love that old Hollywood feel.

I was pleased my contribution sold at auction for a pretty penny. Another HoD original gets a new home and the proceeds go to benefit Pathways for Kids. Done and done.

I want to congratulate Eric Yee on putting on such an amazing event from sound to well... EVERYTHING! You knocked this one out of the park yet again my friend.

On Deck

- Stockton Thunder Auction 2012 set up is starting this week. Poor me, I have to go hang out with hockey players :( oh the things I do for art.
- Finishing up loose ends with personal projects
- Tattoo designs
- Private lessons
- Staying warm
- The Holidays

Keep it real folks and I promise to do the same.
Till' next time - The Doodle.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wooooosh.... and I'm back.

First off I just noticed the last time I updated was in June and I blame what ever time portal I fell into because, holy calender days Batman, it's almost Thanksgiving!

The run down. I've recently acquired my own studio space and all that goes along with it and I have been working on making it feel like House of Doodles fortress of not so solitude. I'm super fortunate to have a space to create and meet with clients, hang with friends or just recharge and allow inspiration to hit. And it has, more paintings, more drawings, more sculptures, more prints, more workshops, more clients, more! more! more!

With great studio space comes great responsibility.

In other news,

It's Hockey season again and you know what that means! I will be back for the Stockton Thunders 3rd Annual Player Character Auction. This season drawings are going to be crazy, so keep an eye out so save the date - Feb. 18th 2012!

Volume 3 of The Sugar Ninja Anthology will be hitting the shelves and convention floors soon. Both books are sure to be awesome and have something for everyone!

I have an original piece of work up for auction at Pathways for Kids annual Black and White Ball this weekend in San Fransisco. This project has spawned a new set of ideas for prints so stay tuned!

I'm in the process of updating my digital portfolio so many new things to come!

I recently visited Pixar and man am I inspired.

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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Size does matter.

Murals! I'm talking about murals people, MURALS! Get you mind out of the gutter - Nah, you can leave it there it's cool I wont judge.

About a month I was commissioned to do a mural for Lathrop High School in Lathrop, Ca. A student of mine during a leadership meeting calls me and asked if I would be interested in doing a mural at the school as the Senior gift. What am I supposed to say? "Nope, sorry kid. (click)" That would have sucked major monkey toes and what kind of a mentor would I be if I turned not only her down but her entire senior class. And besides I'm always up for a challenge.
When she first told me the mural was going to be in the cafeteria, I was like cool easy peasy. Then I saw the wall, high school cafeterias have come a long way in 11 years. This place looked like...well a huge ass cafeteria with a giant ass wall!

A super cool thing about this project is that LHS mascot is a Spartan and they wanted a 300 feel to it. Another reason my student nominated me for the job. I don't mean to toot my own horn but BEEP, BEEP! I got this. I did a quick sketch during one of our sessions and she showed it to her classmates and advisers the next day.

The whole process seemed like a task out of Mission Impossible. I was told it needed to be kept secret and done over a weekend so when everyone came in on Monday it would be a surprise. I was assigned senior helpers and pretty much handed the keys to the school for that weekend. Which I would like to say could have gone horribly wrong but it didn't. They even left me with the keys to heavy machinery after only about a 5 min tutorial on how to use the it. My student is still convinced I used some sort of voodoo on these people. What can I say, people just can't resist the Doodles Charm.

So with all that said here's how it all went down.

Digital comp

Friday - Outlines

Saturday - Colors

Sunday - Details. Details. Details.

So after three days, a couple of pizzas and countless rides on the genie lift we were done and might I add a bit delirious.
So on Monday both the LHS student body and faculty had something to look at when grabbing some cheetos and HoD has another challenge matched.

Big ass cafeteria wall - 0 House of Doodle - 1. Winner!

Big thanks and Congrats to the LHS Seniors who helped out that weekend.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A few good paintings

I've added a couple new paintings to the portfolio link to the left. Check them out if you like.
More prints are on their way too! I've still got some of the purple crows in flight as well as bridge prints hanging around too, just a little food for thought.

~ Doodle!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Lil corner of Mega-Con

Step 1 Step 2
Step 3 Step 4 ( after a 5hr delay)

My trip down to Florida was very productive, eventful and most of all re-energizing. Mega Con was crazy fun and interesting ride to get to. Here's how things went down; got to Miami on a Tuesday night, worked through the night on Wednesday and left for Orlando in our U-Haul van like rock stars for the convention on a Thursday night. 3 people in a van that seats 2 = Awesome! I took one for the team and road the 5 hours or so in the back with all our equipment.

Best seat in the house! Well aside from the whole jail like feel when talking to Cayce and Kit, but after the first hour or so you get used to it.
We also came to the conclusion that if and when there is a Zombie Apocalypse a slightly modified U-Haul van will be the best bet for keeping those hunger buggers at bay.

The crazy fun thing about just going with the flow and traveling like a rock star is the benefit of surrounding yourself with awesome people. Horizons open like flood gates and suddenly things just seem more clear. Through the awesomeness of Cayce and couch surfing I got to meet a bunch of amazing people who do equally amazingly awesome things. For example; ever wonder who writes up all the things you hear in an amusement park to makes it as accurate as possible who's day job is to swim with dolphins and moonlight as a comic writer and rock star? Yeah, seriously who does that! Erin Pyne that's who, check her out. I want to give a special thanks to Erin and her husband Greg for letting us crash at their place during the convention. You guys are completely amazing, thanks again!

At the convention things went pretty Kick-Ass all three days. Sold some prints, cranked out commissions and a crap load of Doodles. I was even compared to Jim Lee and George Perez and told I had the best Gambit at the Con- (makes me blush just thinking about it.) And on Sunday while walking the floor some one from Friday recognized me and was still excited about the Captain America doodle she bought. Aw, Shucks man!

A little glimpse of some stuff from the Con.

Commissions and such.

$1 a Doodle!

More pictures from MegaCon will be added to the portfolio link too.

And so I leave you with the promise of a story for next time about a certain baby unicorn. It's sure to make you go AWWWWwwwwWWWW!

Thanks to everyone! Especially my FCR Cayce Moyer!!! SQUISH!


Monday, March 28, 2011

Mega Fun at Mega Con!

Just wanted to thank everyone who stopped by my little corner of Mega Con this past weekend. I met some amazing people and doodled up some crazy shiznit loving every minute of it...well okay that's a lie there was this slight malfunction of a someones costume in front of the table we Cayce we didn't need to see. But I'm sure with time we will be able to put that all behind us.

I'll be uploading some pictures and filling in all the blanks shortly. But for those of you who just can't wait my Facebook page has quick updates from this weekend. Just click on the link to the left for Doodles and more Doodles!

And a big Big BIG shout out to Cayce Moyer for letting me put up my lil Doodle stand at her table! And if you haven't already check out her amazingly awesome work DO IT! or you can look her up on Facebook as well under Cayce Moyer.

Okay it's been a crazy long couple of days filled with long rides in vans with no seats, couch surfing and baby unicorns. Details to all the insanity coming soon, but as for now I'm ready to crash.

Until then Doodlers zZZzzzzZz

Monday, March 07, 2011

Crazy! But that's how it goes.

Wooo, here we go again. Things are coming around faster then ever and I feel I've neglected my blog once again. I've been getting all my little ducks in a line and it feels like every time I have them where I want, there's are more of the lil buggers quacking away at me. But the good news is IT'S AWESOME!

As of late I've been having fits of inspiration and been painting more. Using the medium my way. I've also come to the conclusion that I like doing things "My Way". Once I realized this it was like things just seem to make sense. Why more people don't do this is crazy. I've always been chill and done things I like but it seems a little more liberating to say "no" to one thing and "yes" to what you really want to do. I highly recommend it.

With that being said, the month of March is going to be a fun and crazy ride. It's already started off with a bang, and by bang I mean " BANG" like the Adam West Batman tv show "Biff" "POW" BOOM"

-March 3rd I had a showing in San Francisco at 50 Mason for First Thursdays with The Society and Binary Controllers! A night filled with crazy good soul funk music, art and an amazing crowd. I'm not going to recommend you look up The Society and Binary Controllers I'm going to> Demand that you do., Your welcome.

March madness schedule:

-March 11 - I'll be at the Share the Beat benefit supporting a student of mine who was invited to speak on behalf of the students who worked on a animation project with the foundation. Crazy right?
Oh yeah, a lil f.y.i, she's now been accepted to two out of 4 of the art schools she's applied for, just saying.

-March 19 - It's my B-day FOOLIOS and I call Shenanigans!

-March 22- I've been invited to Mega Con in Orlando, Fl, by my fantastical college roommate to share a table at the convention. Once again I call Shenanigans!

I plan on using my fancy smart phone to keep things more up-to-date with all that's going down in the land of Doodle. So hold on because you've just purchased a ticket for the Crazy Train, Allllllll Aboard!

As for April, well that's a different story. Let's focus on March for now shall we.

Friday, January 07, 2011

"There you are!" " Do I know you?" "No, but there you are!"

Happy after the holidays...days. Hope everyone had a good holiday or two and stayed warm over these last few weeks. It's been FRIGID cold! Okay, lots of things on today's menu: a new year, new projects, finished projects and like Patti LaBelle put it best a "New Attitude!"

First off I'd like to send warm wishes and special thanks to everyone who made the Stockton Thunder Auction a successes. To all my peeps from near and far you guys are fantastic, thanks so much for supporting this Doodle. To the Thunder staff and players, thank you for this opportunity it's always a pleasure to work with you. And to all of you who came out and participated in this event and won your bids on the drawings you wanted. How crazy was all of that that. I do have to say its the best complement to see people jumping and doing little dances of joy over winning a bid. It's crazy to watch and makes the hours spent drawing and hand cramps well worth it.
Thank You!

By the way, I have now uploaded pictures in the portfolio link of the Thunder Drawings in process. There will be another gallery added from the signing as well, makes me laugh thinking about it but that's a story for another day.

The holidays slowed my posting down a little with all the family-ness and work related googly-muck. But I did manage to meet my deadlines, help get a HOD-sters portfolio packages put together and ready for college submissions. During all this with my brain already in overdrive I started spinning new creative ideas, well for everything. I know right! Told you there was a lot on today's menu. mmm now I want a sandwich... okay moving on.

There's a lot going on this year in the land of Doodle and I will be keeping everyone as up to date. Vague you say, I know but peeked your interest didn't it.

Goal 1, upload more doodles! I have a new series of sketches and such that have been piling up in my work desk as well as sketch books. So I leave you with a little preview. Bear with me please. ( RAAAaarrr... not that kind of bear! )

Poor guy, stay tuned for his misadventures.