Friday, April 18, 2014

Whoa, let me tell something to you! Things have been non-stop around these parts- it's like I bought a ticket aboard the crazy train! Lots of things to share so I'll just run down a list. Convention planning Simataniously working on four vastly different comic books ranging from the world from a mouses perspective to space, time and pop-culture! DOODLES! mentoring the next league of awesome commissions commissions and commissions. Doodles! Big WOW - May 17-18 Booth 1032 Planning the 18' of awesome for this years Stockton-Con Aug 9-10 As always, be sure to check us out @Houseofdoodle on Twitter, Instagram and FB for more! and way more then I can think at the moment. Pictures to follow this post as well! Have a good one Hodsters!

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