Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Big Wow Wrap up!

What's the what!
Thanks to all who came by the booth it was great meeting all of you! I had some awesome things come across my table and a great mash up of commission request. And even though I was kinda attached to my booth all weekend I got to see some awesome cosplayers and artist. So here's a small wrap up of the fun!
Hope you all had an amazing weekend.

Leslie! Girl you're Amazing!
This commission was so much fun! Thanks Mike it was a pleasure meeting you!

FYI: the little girls name is ROGUE!!! HOW Freaking AWESOME IS THAT!

These guys!

And now for some of my fav walk about CosPlayers

Um... I'm so using this woman for all my Wonder Women reference!

Did I mention the a little known artist by the name of Humberto Ramos swung by my booth? Oh I didn't? Well it's completely true. I was all sorts of giddy and excited on the inside but totally kept my cool. ha, okay kinda. I was honored to have him flip through my portfolios. He liked my stuff too, like really liked it. He gave me some fantastic advice and signed one of my prints I did of Spiderman. Yeah, okay ya totally nerded out. Here's my proof.

So there ya have it, just a few things that happened this weekend. And a Big shout out to Tragic Hero Comics! Keep it Cranked to 11!

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