Saturday, January 10, 2015

Fall In To Winter (With Pictures)!

Things, like life and work, were so crazy at the end of last year that the best way to catch everyone up with House of Doodle is by sharing some highlights through the photos below. Stockton-Con, Commissions, Creative Women Mini-Con at Empires Comics, Heroes and Villains at the Haggin Museum and lots of time in the studio kept me busy!

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You guys are the best!!!

DOLLAR Doodles! HOD is the home of the Dollar Doodle. I made almost 300 for the show and loads more on-site.

SHOW SPECIALS! Convention prep is a blast and these are few original prints from this time around.

BIGGER BADDER Doodle! These mini-commissions were a hit!

STOCKTON-CON Success! It was a long weekend, but amazing. Look at the awesome necklace my mentor made me!!


CREATIVE WOMEN MINI-CON: Honored to be invited and meet great peeps in the industry.

MY HODsters (students) are AWESOME! Customizing Lego's to create Dr. Who and a Dalek.

And more commissions!

HOD Hotties: My very own women of cosplay - Tomb Raider and Poison Ivy!

Heroes and Villains Workshop at the Haggin Museum: Blue tape makes it official!

INKTOBER Classic Monsters

BREAK-TIME! I love living in California.

DUDE, I freaking loved doing this commission.

What the end of the week looks like...


Knowing Anatomy is like having X-RAY VISION!

MERRY Whatever...

Keeping WARM in the studio!

This is how I relax.

A little ME-time

Upcoming Comic Project: Anonymouse- more soon!

He made me do it...

BRING IT, 2015!!

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