Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wooooosh.... and I'm back.

First off I just noticed the last time I updated was in June and I blame what ever time portal I fell into because, holy calender days Batman, it's almost Thanksgiving!

The run down. I've recently acquired my own studio space and all that goes along with it and I have been working on making it feel like House of Doodles fortress of not so solitude. I'm super fortunate to have a space to create and meet with clients, hang with friends or just recharge and allow inspiration to hit. And it has, more paintings, more drawings, more sculptures, more prints, more workshops, more clients, more! more! more!

With great studio space comes great responsibility.

In other news,

It's Hockey season again and you know what that means! I will be back for the Stockton Thunders 3rd Annual Player Character Auction. This season drawings are going to be crazy, so keep an eye out so save the date - Feb. 18th 2012!

Volume 3 of The Sugar Ninja Anthology will be hitting the shelves and convention floors soon. Both books are sure to be awesome and have something for everyone!

I have an original piece of work up for auction at Pathways for Kids annual Black and White Ball this weekend in San Fransisco. This project has spawned a new set of ideas for prints so stay tuned!

I'm in the process of updating my digital portfolio so many new things to come!

I recently visited Pixar and man am I inspired.

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